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  1. Freida Rothman Fleur Bloom Empire Turquoise Marquise Drop Earrings - FBPYZTQE60-14K

    The Fleur Bloom EMPIRE collection was inspired by New York and the "Empire State". The marquise-shaped turquoise stone represents the strength, power, and vibrance of the city. The Fleur Bloom EMPIRE Marquise Drop Earrings have the perfect amount of dangle. Embellished with sparkling clear stones and set in matte gold, these easy to wear earrings add the perfect pop of color to your look. Sterling Silver core Hand-set cubic zirconia and turquoise stones 25mm 14K Gold post Engraved with FREIDA ROTHMAN insignia
  2. Uneek Hoop Diamond Earrings - ER190159PN

    combined approximate weight of 3.00ct round diamonds. 46 round diamonds
  3. Uneek Blue Sapphire Diamond Earrings - LVECF383BS

    combined approximate weight of 0.53ct round diamonds, 1ct blue sapphires. 98 round diamonds, 2 blue sapphires
  4. Uneek Diamond Earrings - LVEWA7525W

    combined approximate weight of 0.95ct round diamonds. 96 round diamonds
  5. Uneek Diamond Stud Earrings - ER004U-1.35CT

    combined approximate weight of 0.98ct marquise diamonds, 0.37ct princess cut diamonds. 8 marquise diamonds, 2 princess cut diamonds
  6. Uneek Diamond Hoop Earrings - ER5208AB

    combined approximate weight of 0.35ct round diamonds. 38 round diamonds
  7. Uneek Emerald Diamond Earrings - LVELG2689E

    combined approximate weight of 0.85ct round diamonds, 0.08ct princess cut emeralds, 1.00ct round emeralds. 150 round diamonds, 2 princess cut emeralds, 8 round emeralds
  8. Meira T 14k White Gold Diamond Swinging Earrings

    Meira T 14k White Go
  9. Uneek Diamond Earrings - LVE311

    combined approximate weight of 1.39ct. 82 round
  10. Uneek Diamond Earrings - LVERI294R

    combined approximate weight of 0.32ct round diamonds, 0.06ct tapered diamonds, 1.07ct oval rubies. 60 round diamonds, 4 tapered diamonds, 2 oval rubies
  11. Meira T White Gold Tear Drop Earcuffs Earrings

    These trendy pave te
  12. Uneek Diamond Earrings - LVE928CU

    combined approximate weight of 0.95ct round diamonds, 4.65ct cushion cut diamonds. 76 round diamonds, 2 cushion cut diamonds
  13. Uneek Petals Blue Sapphire Dangling Earrings - LVE941BSMK

    combined approximate weight of 0.80ct round diamonds, 1.88ct oval blue sapphires. 48 round diamonds, 2 oval blue sapphires
  14. Meira T White Gold Coin Diamond Earrings

    Yellow gold earrings
  15. Uneek Leverback Diamond Earrings - LVEC814

    combined approximate weight of 2.45ct round diamonds. 46 round diamonds
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Showing 16 out of 530 products

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